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Patricia Teall Vincent, LCS
Coach and Analyst

patricia teall vincent


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Patricia spent twenty years in multicultural work in the U.S., Asia, and central and western Europe, followed by five years in Stateside homeless/housing services. She now lives and works in Idaho, Wisconsin, and the virtual world.

Patricia serves organizations building just and flourishing futures by joining in their policy work and by coaching.

Mark L. Vincent, PhD, EPC
Process Consultant and Executive Advisor

mark l vincent


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Mark has pioneered approaches to executive leadership and organizational capacity, entrepreneurship, strategic interim leadership, and professional development and credentialing. More than 800 organizations and leaders have achieved their mission's objectives in varied domestic and international marketplaces through his partnership.

In 2000, Mark created Design Group International, a Community of Practice for Process Consultants. In 2017, he worked to establish the Society for Process Consulting. In 2020, he initiated Maestro-level Leaders, a network of peer mentor cohorts for experienced executives in the Third Turn of leadership. He has written extensively, most recently a book on the Core Competencies of Process Consulting.

Mark and Patricia have known each other since 1984 and married in 2016, after having both lost their first spouses. Their joy comes from their ever-increasing family, work, views, and communities.